02-24-2015 08:11 AM
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  1. Marat Zahidylin's Avatar

    For those who can't wait for new version:
    - you can join beta test community. More details here
    Now I see that I can find beta testers and for my games on this forum (I was thinking about it before - but didn't know the right way to do it).

    I have tried your game, and this is what I think:
    1)Possibly you can try using smart baner, it should looks better in game;
    2)Exit (back) button doesn't exit game;
    3)I like music, art and game atmosphere;
    4)Pleasant surprise was - that i can run on floor (dont need to fly all the time).
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    11-06-2014 01:15 PM
  2. zchira's Avatar
    New version is released.
    - levels polishing. Try to play from the beginning, you will notice some changes on most levels
    - new leaderboard (score per life)
    - new achievements (100, 300, and 600 points)
    - new achievements (150 and 500 points in one life)
    - modesty levels and bonuses (complete level without taking any coins for extra points)

    12-04-2014 02:11 PM
  3. zchira's Avatar
    The new version is here (in next few hours will be available on GooglePlay)!
    What's new:
    - refreshed artwork and some new backgrounds (special thanks to Ivana Milosevic)
    - one new level
    - tips&tricks font size increased
    - bugfixes

    Update, try it, and rate it.

    Oink! Oink!


    02-22-2015 01:35 PM
  4. wellnuts's Avatar
    These games are a lot, but still it is different. Sketch mode is very nice. Musical arrangement is fine. Thank you.
    02-24-2015 08:11 AM
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