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    Good morning!

    I want to tell you about my new game Stinky Monsters. This is a cute and none violent shooter for everyone. The story goes like this:

    "There are monsters in your house, they are coming out of the closets, and they stink!!! These cute and spooky creatures will not attack you, since they don’t behave too badly. But I don’t think you will be able to stand their stinkyness for too long. Fortunately, you discover that they are afraid of water … yep just plain H2O will do it. So grab your water gun and shoot them back to where they came from. I hope you are able to make it before you passed out from the smell."

    Stinky Monsters [GAME][FREE]-monsters_0_960x540.png

    Stinky Monsters [GAME][FREE]-monsters_4_960x540.png

    Stinky Monsters [GAME][FREE]-monsters_6_960x540.png

    Here is the Link to the Google Play store:


    Here is the link of the FREE version at the Google Play Store:


    And here is the link to the Amazon Android App store:


    Take a look and I hope you like it!
    11-15-2014 12:17 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Thanks for the link!
    11-17-2014 06:07 PM
  3. chendofs's Avatar
    Good morning and enjoy Black Friday shoppers! We heard that the best way to play Stinky Monsters was using the Swipe (or touch) game controller (see Options screen). What do you think? Should we make this the default option (with some minor improvements of course) over the D-pad?

    Please let us know
    11-28-2014 01:30 PM
  4. chendofs's Avatar
    Good morning! A new update to Stinky Monsters went live this week. This has improvements to the swipe or touch control mode and more importantly it adds a new room for shooting monsters, the "Bedroom". Take a look!

    Stinky Monsters [GAME][FREE]-monsters_7_1280x720.jpg
    12-13-2014 01:25 PM
  5. tomek33n's Avatar
    Cool monsters but quickly become boring.

    But thanks anyway.
    You can see that a lot of work invested. It is a pity that it is harder to get through the store.
    chendofs likes this.
    12-14-2014 09:02 AM
  6. Wemade Entertainment's Avatar
    Looks good...^^
    chendofs likes this.
    12-16-2014 09:54 PM
  7. chendofs's Avatar
    Here is a video of the game playing on the Attic, take a look ...

    12-20-2014 12:04 PM
  8. chendofs's Avatar
    Happy New Year and our best wishes to everyone on 2015! Here is another video of Stinky Monsters playing on the Kids Bedroom. Take a look ...

    01-01-2015 11:43 AM
  9. AlFish's Avatar
    The game looks inconsistent. That's because the whole game is probably targeted for children but the aesthetics need to be more child friendly. I don't understand why people are telling you that your game is nice. You won't make any progress by reading lies like that.
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    01-02-2015 04:27 PM
  10. chendofs's Avatar
    Thanks AlFish for your response. I am not sure why you think that the game is targeted for children, it is meant for everyone. Did you actually download it and play it, or you are just looking at the pictures posted in this thread? Maybe it is because you are looking at the Kidsroom scene, but the idea is that monsters are in your house and there are other rooms like the Attic and the Master Bedroom. We are also working on adding other rooms like a TV room, kitchen, basement, etc. and more monsters.

    Anyways, thanks for your feedback.
    01-03-2015 12:38 AM
  11. AlFish's Avatar
    The monsters look like from children's dragon tales. That's why : ) You can't target to everyone, it's impossible.
    01-03-2015 06:06 AM
  12. chendofs's Avatar
    A new update of Stinky Monsters was released yesterday. This includes a new monster class "Grullo" and more monster waves. Here is a pic of a Grullo monster.

    Stinky Monsters [GAME][FREE]-grullo.png
    01-13-2015 01:29 AM
  13. ArmoredFury's Avatar
    done well, but something was missing, I would not buy the game
    01-14-2015 01:00 AM
  14. chendofs's Avatar

    We have released a Free version (with Ads) of Stinky Monsters. It is live on the Google Play Store. Here is the link (also on the top of this thread), so please take a look and have fun!

    Stinky Monsters (FREE) @ Google Play Store
    01-30-2015 12:34 AM
  15. MonsterLucha's Avatar
    To pretty much mirror what everyone else is saying.

    I see it as a game that has potential. But, a handful of flaws.

    + Animation: Really like the look of the characters
    + The reaction you get, when you shoot at them
    + Music / Sound Effects

    - The user interface looks rushed. I know that it's the most boring part of developing a game. But, if you put a couple of hours work into it. You could get it looking snazzy.
    - After playing it. It gave me a strange sense of nostalgia, not sure why. It does seem like the game is designed as a tongue-in-cheek game, directed at adults - rather than children.
    - It's a game that I enjoyed playing. But, I don't know who I could recommend it to. Which is a problem.

    All in all, I enjoyed it. But, like the others said. It seemed inconsistent. Not entirely sure what the CORE target audience are supposed to be...
    chendofs likes this.
    01-30-2015 07:07 PM
  16. bolt20's Avatar
    thanks for this, but i think it needs to improve more
    02-02-2015 09:53 PM
  17. chendofs's Avatar

    An updated version of Stinky Monsters is out on the Google Play Store, it includes a new room to fight monsters and other minor enhancements. Take a look.

    Stinky Monsters [GAME][FREE]-monsters_8_1280x720.jpg

    Google Play Link

    Google Play Link: FREE with ads.
    03-27-2015 03:52 PM
  18. Tintakl's Avatar
    Oh its so fast) Really difficult, but interesting!
    04-24-2015 09:31 AM
  19. chendofs's Avatar
    New update released to the Google Play Store and the Amazon App Store with fixes and enhancements. Please take a look!
    05-10-2015 01:16 AM
  20. chendofs's Avatar
    We got a few PROMO coupons for the paid version of Stinky Monsters, if you want the game free no Ads use one of these:

    Hope you like it!
    07-13-2016 02:01 AM
  21. chendofs's Avatar
    Good Monday morning (right !?!). New update to Stinky Monsters adding a new monster class, Guacamole! Plus other minor fixes and enhancements. Take a look!

    Stinky Monsters [GAME][FREE]-guacamolemonster.png
    09-19-2016 11:06 AM

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