1. Uniteam Verona's Avatar
    Hello Android Central members!

    It's now time for UniTeam to release our first 3D Android game, CodeBox! An amazing 3D shooter full of zombies, blood, devils and with a world to save!

    [FREE][GAME] CodeBox 3D-screenshot_2014-12-27-21-16-30.png

    We're two guys that study computer science in Verona, Italy and like all programmers, we had some trouble with the graphics

    Choose your favorite character, the right enviroment, grab a wide range of destructive weapons and increase their destructiveness with powerful empowerments. save the world from a zombies apocalypse and kill their boss, the firebreather devil.

    [FREE][GAME] CodeBox 3D-screenshot_2015-01-07-17-17-15.png

    Start of each level you have a gun with countless bullets but, if you will be fast enough to kill your enemies you'll have access to a wide range of new weapons and powers up, useful to develop your strategy.
    Destroy them with rifles, machine guns and much more…defend yourself by building walls and blowing up numerous zombies with barrels.

    There is also a leaderboard for our player, and soon (we hope tomorrow) we'll introduce new game mode "defence the base" and an achievement system in game.

    We release CodeBox few days ago so feel free to leave a small review on Play Store and here to let us know what you like and what you would like to see in game!

    CodeBox is available in the Play Store
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    01-12-2015 06:08 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Thanks for the link!
    01-12-2015 10:32 AM
  3. Uniteam Verona's Avatar
    Thanks for the link!
    Thank you for read about CodeBox!
    If you've already try the game, we're always looking for feedback and opinions to improve the gameplay.

    Yesterday we also introduce an achievement system in game, different from the classic Play Games achievement system, we would like to hear some feedback from our users
    01-13-2015 11:28 AM
  4. Uniteam Verona's Avatar
    Nice job
    Thank you for trying CodeBox I hope to receive more feedback from users to update our job!
    01-15-2015 04:30 PM
  5. Stigol's Avatar
    Cool, but needs refinement)
    01-16-2015 07:29 AM
  6. Uniteam Verona's Avatar
    A new CodeBox update is available with a new amazing logo (and bugfix)!
    01-19-2015 01:53 PM
  7. freezeminds's Avatar
    nice game with awesome graphics..
    01-22-2015 06:35 AM
  8. Daedalus Games's Avatar
    Where is the link? Low poly model graphics, why?
    01-24-2015 05:03 PM
  9. Uniteam Verona's Avatar
    Where is the link? Low poly model graphics, why?
    Hi! You can find the link in the end of the description (or here).
    Low poly graphics was a forced choice because, as I say in the post, we are 2 programmers and one of us started with 3D (and 2D) graphics only to develope CodeBox.

    However we learned a lot of things about graphic and our next game/app will be amazing (or we hope so...)

    Thanks for your feedback!
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    01-25-2015 02:54 PM
  10. Daedalus Games's Avatar
    Looking forward for your next game!
    01-25-2015 04:54 PM

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