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    Hi guys,

    Just thought I would let you know about my game Rat's Retaliation - its been in the market for a couple of months but never posted about it.
    I have just released a big update and thought you might be interested.

    The game is a remake/clone of the classic Windows game Rodent's Revenge. It is a skill based arcade game where you take the roll of a Rat. You have to push blocks around to trap cats and turn them into cheese. There are obstacles and threats in later levels making it very challenging.

    If you were familiar with the original this remake stays very true to the original game play but also offers survival gameplay mode. If you aren't familiar with it then give it a go and experience a classic arcade game.

    Use the links below to download this free game, or scan the code below. Up to date news on updates can be found at my blog or on twitter.

    Download Rat's Retaliation through android market
    Download Rat's Retaliation through appbrain

    I have been working on the controls which a few people have commented are tricky, any suggestions on improving them would be very much appreciated! And of course any comments, feedback or ideas would be brilliant!

    If you enjoy the game please leave a positive rating in the market

    12-12-2010 08:07 AM