1. rango77's Avatar
    Have you ever heard about the Water Valor or the Water Courage? No? Jump here
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    01-27-2015 04:33 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Thanks for the link!
    01-28-2015 12:45 AM
  3. rango77's Avatar
    Feel as a KNIGHT!

    01-30-2015 02:36 AM
  4. rango77's Avatar
    Tap around the Water Knight to he jumps in right direction. Only wait right a moment! The Islands will floating faster and faster...
    01-31-2015 08:12 AM
  5. rango77's Avatar
    "Adventures of the Water Knight. Princess Rescue" is a dynamic arcade game with original gameplay, many quests and battles with monsters and dragons. You will move the Water Knight across floating islands of Water Kingdom, pick up Water Drops for knight health, and send sweets and jewelry to care for the Princess Iriel, all while fighting monsters and dragons that infest the hostile lands.

    02-01-2015 09:42 AM
  6. rango77's Avatar

    - bug fixing,
    - adjustment for different screen resolutions,
    - optimization
    - leaderboard

    Play here :https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.com.fortunalion.waterknightgame
    02-08-2015 12:17 PM
  7. rango77's Avatar
    Tip1: Battle with monsters

    You will meet Boss (Mega-Monster) in the last level of each location. Don't worry! You should collect all crystals to get Super Shild and Super Sword. Now you can kill Boss!
    02-10-2015 01:27 PM
  8. rango77's Avatar
    Thanks NectosGames!
    02-11-2015 03:26 AM
  9. rango77's Avatar
    Tip2 : Jumping
    You can jump as soon as you see rings on water
    02-11-2015 03:27 AM
  10. hgoran's Avatar
    Nice story and graphics rango77!
    02-11-2015 07:19 AM
  11. rango77's Avatar
    Tip3: The Princess
    You should collect sweets and jewels to take care of the Princess
    02-12-2015 04:33 AM
  12. rango77's Avatar
    Tip4: The Castle
    Defeat the Boss of hostile land and get a piece of the Water Castle

    02-15-2015 03:04 PM
  13. rango77's Avatar
    02-25-2015 07:13 AM
  14. ngkthea's Avatar
    This is a super cute app with great graphics! Good job rango77!
    02-25-2015 12:04 PM
  15. Tyrmal's Avatar
    Very nice graphic! On my S4 works well.
    03-14-2015 03:39 PM
  16. Jennifer Jub Jub's Avatar
    Very Nice Graphic, Thanks rango77
    03-15-2015 03:04 AM
  17. rango77's Avatar
    First level. The Swamp
    Adventures of the Water Knight.-level1.jpg
    10-07-2015 08:29 AM
  18. WonderkidDev's Avatar
    good looking graps
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    10-09-2015 07:35 PM
  19. rango77's Avatar
    Jump and fight!
    Adventures of the Water Knight.-scrn_1024_2.jpg
    10-11-2015 12:45 PM
  20. funky zoo's Avatar
    again, amazing graphics!
    love your games
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    10-11-2015 04:36 PM
  21. Hyper Laser's Avatar
    Nice animations too!
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    10-11-2015 05:01 PM
  22. Subakti Bakti's Avatar
    The grafic is very good
    10-12-2015 11:26 AM
  23. denAlex's Avatar
    Looks like fun
    10-13-2015 11:58 AM

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