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    For those who of you who do not know, Tap Tap Revenge is a music rhythm based game for the iPhone and iPod touch, Kinda like Guitar Hero but it actually is fun to play and no issues.

    If you have played this game before you know how addictive it is and fun it is. Once you play it you immediately get home and download it for yourself.

    Now this game and it's series of games is made by the company Tapulous. And sadly it is only for the iPhone OS.

    Now for those of you who want this game for the Android, Tapulous has said that if demand is high enough, "you never know if we will."

    So if you would like to see Tap Tap Revenge possibly on Android phones go here-
    Are you guys going to bring TTR to Android phones?
    And vote!!! You don't need to sign up or anything at all either, it can just work right through your gmail account.

    Leave your comment their too and make sure your voice is heard!!

    Too Long; Didn't Read:

    If you would want to see Tap Tap Revenge possibly on your phone click the link above and vote!!

    Questions I presume you might have-

    Who are you and what phone do you have?

    I have the Motorola Droid and I am a person who would very much like to see the android platform have largely successful apps. TTR coming to android platform might allow other developers to come to Android and sell their games/apps.

    Why are you doing this?

    I want TTR for the Android so I can play it!!! It is a highly fun game and very addictive. I also feel that MANY MANY people want TTR for their android phones but they don't know how to voice their opinion so I am going to help try to spread the word!!

    What is Tap Tap Revenge (TTR) anyways?
    Kinda explained that above but if you want to learn more about it I suggest you can google search it or watch some clips on youtube. Or even better go to a friend or someone with a iPhone and iTouch and see if they will let you play it. And I assume they will have it cus about 40% of all iPhone users have this app. So go an play it and if you like it come and vote to get it on your phone and if you don't like it carry on with your life.

    How can I Help? I love TTR too!!
    First off you can let your voice be heard at Tapulous's suggestion page or whatever. Make sure that they know their is a large demand!! Secondly SPREAD THE WORD! I myself am currently trying to spread the word to all Android users who would admire this app!

    WTF is this?? I don't know what TTR is and I don't care cus Tapulous won't listen anyways!!

    First off I value your opinion and thanks for saying something even if you sound like a retard.... But really I am not forcing you to do anything, I am merely trying to inform all Android users. So Thank you for your rude comment and have a nice day.

    And I apologize in advance if I have broken any of your community rules. I am only trying to get a beloved game of mine to the our beloved Android Phones. I have no attention in advertising or any other misconceived evil.

    If I have somehow broken I rule, I urge you (The wonderful awesome Mods) to just fix it and notify me and I will try to fix it. Thank you in advance! You guys are all awesome!! Happy New Year!!
    12-29-2009 01:38 PM
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    Come on guys!! I know you want Tap Tap Revenge for your phones!!!!

    2 more Tapulous employees have noticed the increase in posts in the thread and have commented! They are actually looking at the question!!

    We are actually making Tapulous look at this question so you actually never know!

    Also if you do visit the site make sure you click the yellow button "I HAVE THIS QUESTION TOO" So your vote gets counted!!
    01-02-2010 08:58 PM
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    People PLEASE go to that link and get their attention! I LOVE Tap Tap!!! Click on "I have this question too" and that's it.

    Are you guys going to bring TTR to Android phones?
    01-10-2011 11:29 AM