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    Hi all

    We are small team witch we are making now simple and easy games for ANDROID devices, We called our Company "ASKr GAMES", We like to let you know that we are making game for Android and we call it "Horz FER".

    Now I like to give my your opinion about the idea of the game :

    The game is an Adventure and Action game ,witch the game is a story and in the same time look like the action games , you know shooting ,explosion, skills .... , and the player will explore more than 4 big Worlds witch every world include + 12 Level , and some level in Land , or destroyed lands, in sea , underwater ,sky and in space, and the player will drive car or boat or submarine ....

    Now the idea of the game is that the player moving forward and you should take right or left So as not to collide with the enemies like police car or boat , civilian or else ....

    however you can buy and uprage some weapons to shoot your enemies like machine gun rocket space blue shoots and else ....

    many levels you will explore in city , villages, mounters , direst , snow , Forrest , sky , and many others

    and by the way the game is simple and easy to play and its in 2D not 3D witch will be more fun.

    if you have any question please share it with us below .

    and one more thing please I'm new game development and I want to make the game one of the best games if you help me by giving me your opinion, and we will meet soon when the game done .
    02-17-2015 03:39 AM

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