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    [FREE][GAME] Tap Heroes - Idle RPG Action-tap-heroes-logo.png
    [FREE][GAME] Tap Heroes - Idle RPG Action-512x512.png
    #1 Paid RPG in Finland
    Embark on an epic journey through the lands to grow ever stronger and defeat your enemies.
    Tap your way through forests, deserts, caves, jungles, swamps and more as you grow ever more powerful and face tougher opponents and creatures.
    Defeat bosses to travel to new areas and recruit new heroes to join your adventure.

    Your mighty warrior can attack enemies at a rapid speed and still stand to shield the group from harm.
    Your healing mage will use healing magic to heal your wounds.
    Your skilled rogue will shoot poisonous arrows that damage your enemies over time and slow arrows to hinder their advance.

    Tap with your godly powers to hurt your enemies and heal your heroes. Or unleash your wrath on your enemies with awesome powers while blessing your heroes with helpful buffs.
    Spend the gold and other loot you gather on your journey to upgrade your heroes and gain new abilities to overcome the adventure ahead. Good luck!

    ✔ Over 70 different enemies and bosses
    ✔ 10 different worlds to discover
    ✔ A Distinct group of heroes with different abilities
    ✔ Interesting powers to unleash on your enemies
    ✔ Mix of RPG and idle elements with tons of skills to upgrade
    ✔ Achievements to unlock
    ✔ Ridiculous amounts of loot
    ✔ Possibly infinite gameplay
    ✔ Puppet stage graphics!

    [FREE][GAME] Tap Heroes - Idle RPG Action-mage.png
    [FREE][GAME] Tap Heroes - Idle RPG Action-1.png
    [FREE][GAME] Tap Heroes - Idle RPG Action-2.png
    [FREE][GAME] Tap Heroes - Idle RPG Action-3.png
    [FREE][GAME] Tap Heroes - Idle RPG Action-4.png
    [FREE][GAME] Tap Heroes - Idle RPG Action-5.png
    [FREE][GAME] Tap Heroes - Idle RPG Action-rogue.png



    [FREE][GAME] Tap Heroes - Idle RPG Action-rogueonplatform.png[FREE][GAME] Tap Heroes - Idle RPG Action-mageonplatform.png[FREE][GAME] Tap Heroes - Idle RPG Action-warrioronplatform.png[FREE][GAME] Tap Heroes - Idle RPG Action-treebossonplatform.png
    03-01-2015 10:21 AM
  2. VaragtP's Avatar
    Premium have no ads and you get the Mini-Dragon pet familiar extra character (you can buy him later though for same price in free version)
    03-01-2015 11:37 AM
  3. ImTong's Avatar
    I find this game enjoyable, the graphics are pixelated which I love. And there are some really nice touches here and there to get you into the tiny action, like the screen shake and the characters' attack animations, plus the background plants sway back and forth.
    VaragtP likes this.
    03-01-2015 09:46 PM

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