07-30-2015 09:50 AM
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  1. jmholland96's Avatar
    E.X.O in BlackBerry World
    The Development of E.X.O-cii9o6qwcaaunmp.png
    06-27-2015 08:17 PM
  2. jmholland96's Avatar
    The Android version is now the main focus! Will be coming very soon
    06-28-2015 07:08 AM
  3. jmholland96's Avatar
    Quote from the CrackBerry review going through the controls and gameplay
    "Controlling your character is simple. E.X.O. automatically moves forward, to avoid obstacles tap on the right side of the screen to jump. Double-tapping makes the character jump higher. To shoot at enemies use the onscreen target icon on the bottom left. You'll find another icon just above that which has multiple functions. It can boost your forward or it can lock your character in a floating/hover position. To do the latter just tap jump first then this arrow icon to lock your character in that position. Press the icon again to drop down from hovering. Whenever you perform an action you lose energy. You can see your energy bar at the top. Collect orbs along your path to restore energy levels. All-in-all, E.X.O. is a fun and challenging game to play."
    06-28-2015 09:30 AM
  4. jmholland96's Avatar
    E.X.O will be coming to Google Play in less then a week!
    06-30-2015 08:42 AM
  5. jmholland96's Avatar
    Off screen gameplay has been recorded and will be on Youtube tonight
    06-30-2015 02:45 PM
  6. jmholland96's Avatar
    Offscreen gameplay has been uploaded Go check it out by searching for "Jason Holland E.X.O" on YouTube if you are interested.
    06-30-2015 06:31 PM
  7. jmholland96's Avatar
    Change of plans, E.X.O is out now. Go check it out!
    06-30-2015 06:43 PM
  8. jmholland96's Avatar
    If you download the game please leave a quick review if you have time
    07-01-2015 11:20 AM
  9. jmholland96's Avatar
    Search for Jason Holland in Google Play to find it easier
    07-01-2015 02:11 PM
  10. srkmagnus's Avatar
    Please refrain from posting screen shots of app store reviews. Simply update the first post with the necessary information to keep the community up-to-date and include the screen shots there.

    Thank you.
    07-05-2015 12:08 PM
  11. duypositive's Avatar
    Can I install for android 4.3?
    07-06-2015 10:14 AM
  12. jmholland96's Avatar
    Can I install for android 4.3?
    Should be able to
    duypositive likes this.
    07-06-2015 06:23 PM
  13. jmholland96's Avatar
    I wonder how crazy it feels to be featured at the front of Google Play. I need it!! haha
    07-12-2015 08:55 AM
  14. PolarPond's Avatar
    Love the art!
    jmholland96 likes this.
    07-13-2015 03:53 PM
  15. jmholland96's Avatar
    Love the art!
    I appreciate that
    07-13-2015 08:28 PM
  16. Marwan Gharib's Avatar
    Beautiful artwork, Congrats!
    jmholland96 likes this.
    07-16-2015 06:31 AM
  17. jmholland96's Avatar
    Beautiful artwork, Congrats!
    Thanks a lot
    07-16-2015 01:47 PM
  18. jmholland96's Avatar
    Do any other developers get a lot of cancelled payments from Japan on your merchant account? I seem to be getting A LOT for some reason.
    07-18-2015 01:43 PM
  19. jmholland96's Avatar
    If anyone has some spare time could you post a link to the free and paid version of E.X.O on here please. Would really appreciate it
    07-23-2015 04:18 PM
  20. jmholland96's Avatar
    Just posted a gameplay video of E.X.O on the HTC ONE M8
    07-24-2015 07:23 PM
  21. jmholland96's Avatar
    Ranked 153 in the Top Selling for the Action category. Big things are happening haha
    07-25-2015 07:22 AM
  22. district3studio's Avatar
    The Cell shade makes it look alot better than the flat 2d you had before in your sketch. Looks like an awesome egame
    jmholland96 likes this.
    07-25-2015 09:37 PM
  23. jmholland96's Avatar
    With E.X.O I wanted to create an intense gameplay experience that towards the end does not leave much room for error, so completing a level is truly satisfying.
    07-30-2015 09:50 AM
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