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    Release of Contamination game on Android Market
    Contamination is a new fun and addictive board game for Android.
    In the game, the player controls a virus whose sole purpose is to become the only type of virus on the game board.
    To conquer the board, the virus must expand by contaminating nearby empty board cells or expand by explosion, caused by growing beyond the host cell's size.
    The game features single player and multi-player modes.
    In single player mode, the player will have to conquer boards through levels of increasing difficulty. The CPU virus will become smarter from one level to the next.
    The game also features two and three players modes on the same cellphone. Invite your friends or family, place the cellphone on the center of the table and enjoy hours of board game fun.
    Minimum requirements are Android 1.6.
    For more information, please visit Telmo Amaro | personal website
    01-02-2011 03:17 PM