1. biggamer3's Avatar
    wow, just got this game recently and it completely is the most addictive game ever.

    There is a real depth to it, by changing professions and leveling up more.

    This game is so damn good. Anyone know a similar type game to this on Android also?
    01-03-2011 11:36 PM
  2. matyou98's Avatar
    I got this when it was on sale for a little over a dollar and was pleasantly surprised. The first night I played it for hours straight and didn't even realize that much time went by. Definitely worth full price IMO. I read the company has just released another one in Japan only so far where you run a game store. I also read there is a sequel planned for game dev story. I will buy both these games at full price if they come out here for sure.
    01-06-2011 12:33 PM