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    Hello Again AC! I'm here to share with you my latest game Lily Pad Leapin. A very simple, very addictive game where you help a frog leap from lily pad to lily pad. The game was inspired by an idea that my wife had, and I whipped it up in about a week or so. It's my first game to be accepted into the new "Designed for Families" initiative from Google (the paid version anyway). The free version is ad supported, and the paid version has no ads. My kids are addicted to trying to beat each other's scores and I do hope you'll give it a try! On a more personal note, this is likely the last casual style game I will be making for a while; casual games haven't exactly been my forte in my many years of game making, and I'd like to return to my roots for my next release and make an action game in a more traditional style, but without the virtual buttons that most games of this type try. Expect more on this project in the future! But for now, I'd love any support you guys could throw my way. Show the game to your kids, share it with someone, every little bit helps, and I greatly appreciate it!

    Free Version
    Paid Version

    Lily Pad Leapin [Free and Paid]-unnamed.pngLily Pad Leapin [Free and Paid]-unnamed2.png
    04-30-2015 12:35 PM
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    Thanks for the link!
    04-30-2015 07:28 PM

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