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    Animal Chess is a chess game, the two sides have eight pieces,
    depending on the order of elephant, lion, tiger, leopard, wolf, dog, cat, mouse.
    The larger can eat smaller, similar to PK away, but mouse can eat elephant.
    Animals take one cell, all around can be.
    A total of 36 board is a 6X6 grid, a grid of an animal, the two sides of each animal,
    a total of 32 animals were randomly placed on the location, there are four lattice is not
    an animal. But the game started all the animals are hidden, that is 36 lattice is a question
    mark, players take turns flipping a question mark, which pulls out the first animal side,
    the player (or computer) is which party, the other player is the other .
    The two sides take turns playing chess, playing chess can move their animals eat each other,
    or pulls out a new animal. All the other animals (including not dig out of) all eaten win.
    Battle Battle and double support machine, you can switch at any time battle mode.

    Animal Chess ~ Android Game v1.0 By ZHOU YU GANG | Brain & Puzzle

    ZHOU YU GANG, Android Applications and Games
    01-15-2011 04:30 AM

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