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    The game is in the market and will run you roughly $14.40 US.

    "Spectral Souls - Resurrection of the Ethereal Empires" (English Version), the first Full Size Tactical RPG for Android platform is now available for your favorite Smartphone. This is an Android ONLY exclusive title :

    • The first full scale Japanese Tactical RPG for Android.
    • 52 outstanding soundtracks.
    • 84 characters.
    • High resolution graphic assets.
    • 100's of hours of GamePlay packed in 1GB data.
    • Cut-Scene videos.

    Simply "a must have" for all fan of "Spectral Souls universe" and for all fan of Tactical RPG in general.


    - NVIDIA TEGRA chipset is not yet supported (support will come later).

    - You need a SDCARD with at least 1.5 GB of free space.

    - There is a MASSIVE 1GB additional data download to complete the installation so WIFI is "ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY" and a good dose of patience too, the installation may take from 30mn to 60mn to complete based on your Internet network configuration and/or our servers congestion, everybody will be served but please be patient.

    -There is an "in-game" FAQ in case you have some trouble during the installation so please take the time to read it should you have problems.

    -Game is set, by default, to use the HIGHEST resolution available so please adjust in the option screen should your device be a little "just" to support the full hires data.

    -A High-End device is highly recommended.

    STORY :

    Neverland is a world apart from our own, home to strange and dangerous creatures. Two of these creatures, humans and demons, have been struggling against each other for many years. As the centuries passed, control shifted from demons to humans and back again. The humans finally earned a clear victory after the First Neverland War. But this left the country in ruins and led directly to the Second Neverland War, which saw the decisive victory of the demons once again.

    Magic Age 1053

    Tragedy strikes the small woodland village of Petunthe town is attacked and burned to the ground by vicious Neverland troops. But Petun is only the first of many massacres; the Demon Army tears through every human village it can find, slaughtering the people as it goes. Humiliated and infuriated by these abuses, the humans begin to resist and fight back.

    It starts as a rash of disorganized, sporadic riots. But it soon grows into something more, something meaningful. These uprisings become a beacon of hope to all humans, spurring them on to unite and form a new empire. They choose a name to reflect their most noble traditions, to reflect a time when they ruled over the demon horde. They call it the Reformed Simba Empire.

    Petunlittle more than a bump in the road, a mark on a map. But this is where it all started, where the undercurrent of disdain and hatred overflowed into a bloody torrent of death and destruction, drowning Neverland in war for years to come.

    This is where our story beginsthe story of the Seven Year War.

    2011 IDEA FACTORY, developed for Android, licensed and published by HYPERDEVBOX .

    Recent changes:
    Spectral Souls (ENG) released.

    Latest version: 1.0 (for all Android versions)
    01-15-2011 11:20 AM
  2. Simba
    Nice mate, this game looks pretty nice, gonna try it today!
    01-15-2011 11:23 AM
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    Played it a bit earlier today, and it's not bad. So far, there's nothing particularly special about it, in terms of TRPGs, but it's basically one-of-a-kind on Android right now, and it seems like a solid game.

    Also, checked out a review for the original release of this game on the PSP, where apparently its main problem was loadtimes (it loaded between every move, line of dialogue, and everything). I can fortunately say there are no loadtimes on the Android version of the game. :P
    01-19-2011 09:10 PM
  4. Varking's Avatar
    Yeah for the android release they made things higher resolution and fixed the load times.
    01-22-2011 06:57 PM