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    New Game: "Skeeter Beater FREE" has been posted on the market today
    We've worked hard on it so I hope you enjoy.
    Use the phone sensors and sounds to follow and find Skeeters or play in 2D mode.
    Use the sky background or turn the camera on to see them fly around your environment.

    Do you hate those pesky mosquitoes that seem to buzz annoyingly around you when you are trying to enjoy that summer evening. Well here is your chance to take revenge on those skeeters. This fully interactive game allows you to use your finger to squash them while moving your phone to find more. Happy Skeeter Beatin'.

    - Gameplay -

    Use the touch screen to beat the Skeeters. Beat enough Skeeters within the time limit to advance to the next round.

    A point is deducted after a level specific number of missing touches.

    Each round becomes increasingly more difficult with faster Skeeters, shorter time limits, and higher required scores.

    Bonus Mode is entered when enough points to pass a round has been obtained. Bonus Mode lasts for the remainder of the round, allowing for additional points without the risk of point deductions.

    Each round ends when the time is up or when all Skeeters for the round have been beaten.

    - 3D Mode -

    Utilize phone sensors to track Skeeters in full 360 degree range of motion. Move the phone up, down, left, and right to track and find Skeeters. When no Skeeters are visible, use the sounds to determine their location.

    - 2D Mode -

    Restricts Skeeters movements in proximity to the screen. Phone movement has no effect on the game.

    - HUD -

    Top Left:
    Number of Skeeters required & Remaining Misses (red)
    Top Right:
    Remaining round time

    Bonus Mode Top Left:
    Total Round Score (green)

    - Game Modes -

    Hunt 3D: Move the phone to Hunt flying Skeeters.

    Search 3D: Move the phone to Search for "motionless" Skeeters.

    Bash 3D: Move the phone to Bash a large number of Skeeters.

    Bash 2D: Bash the Skeeters without using phone sensors.

    01-17-2011 12:14 AM
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    We've been working on the sensors for the last few days and have upgraded the app to version 2.2. The game by default will now use the orientation sensors which provides a much smoother experience, closer to an augmented reality. Disabling orientation sensors in the settings will re-enable the use of the accelerometer and magnetic field sensors.

    The 3D game modes are now using a viewing cone of approximately 80 degrees wide by 48 degrees tall in the full 360 degree environment.

    Try it out if you get the chance and let me know what you think.
    01-19-2011 02:35 AM