1. chrisscreate's Avatar
    For the first time a jelly-mods represented the virtual world,
    so that everyone can make their own amazing journey
    at unbelievable cafes, restaurants and bars, the prisoners directly in the levels of the world of jelly!
    What could be more fun, more fun, delicious and varied?
    True, only new worlds Jelly World!
    The magnificent world created with love for your pleasure, bright fun, good mood, and the development of logic, attention.
    If you like the number 3 in the game,
    World Jelly definitely to your taste!
    • Sweet effects, a variety of combos and bonuses only deserved ;-)
    • Absolutely FREE, definitely a new one. Amaze your friends the whole event in the world of puzzles!
    • Easy to understand the game, but requires skill to rise to the occasion.
    • Connecting jelly original ways and get amazing bombs and blasters
    • Enjoy the game, developing both hemispheres of the brain and, therefore, become a strategist on the machine
    • In short, the perfect puzzle saga, where everyone can find exactly YOUR option

    07-14-2015 06:16 AM

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