11-10-2017 11:05 AM
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  1. AmbientApps's Avatar
    Hello guys,

    * new version is out: sale -40 %

    I would like to show you my new indie game for children Kids Picture Match

    Try if you can find colorful pictures by their cute shapes. Test your fingers and reflexes, it's easy and fun.
    Have fun with effects when matching colored images.

    How to play:
    - drag color picture to his shadow - match it
    Game features:
    - 12 different levels - 70 pictures
    - 3 free levels
    - Graphical effects when moving images
    - Stars rating for each level
    - Simple and clear graphical interface
    - Randomly generated picture positions

    [GAME][FREE] Kids Picture Match-mainmenu.png

    [GAME][FREE] Kids Picture Match-level2_edge.png

    [GAME][FREE] Kids Picture Match-level2_complete_edge.png

    [GAME][FREE] Kids Picture Match-level3_stars_edge.jpg


    Download Kids Picture Match
    Thanks for any comment or review.
    07-17-2015 04:35 AM
  2. Fire Emblem's Avatar
    This is one great app for the kids, especially toddlers who are learning how to use shapes and learn different objects at the grasp of their hands. I might suggest this to my sister and have her son play this
    07-19-2015 05:12 PM
  3. Yen Le's Avatar
    This game is simple but great. I will download for my daughter.
    AmbientApps likes this.
    07-19-2015 10:36 PM
  4. AmbientApps's Avatar
    Hey guys, thank you for your nice comments

    Do you have any tips how to improve my app ?
    07-22-2015 01:36 AM
  5. Thive_Dev's Avatar
    this is a nice game for the younger generations. It would be nice if you implement background music and sounds for the animals.
    AmbientApps likes this.
    07-22-2015 05:48 PM
  6. AmbientApps's Avatar
    thank you for comments and your tips. I will add some sounds in next update.
    07-24-2015 04:55 AM
  7. MattyKnight's Avatar
    It's a very nice idea, good job
    07-24-2015 01:44 PM
  8. AmbientApps's Avatar
    Thank you Matty.

    Do you have any ideas to next update ?
    07-31-2015 10:54 AM
  9. XYZCrafts's Avatar
    nice idea for kids game....graphics are looking good too
    08-02-2015 01:19 AM
  10. hingalou's Avatar
    Good kids game, but I feel like 90% kids apps are exactly like this one.
    08-02-2015 04:12 PM
  11. Qaseem Ar's Avatar
    Good kids game
    08-03-2015 11:20 AM
  12. fessio's Avatar
    Easy handling, perfect for children.
    08-19-2015 01:37 PM
  13. xekocd's Avatar
    Graphic is simply & clear. I think that this is amazing game for kíds ^^
    08-21-2015 08:05 AM
  14. whliu98's Avatar
    Nice game, I'm sure kids will love it.
    08-22-2015 03:34 AM
  15. AmbientApps's Avatar
    New version is out: Kids Picture Match
    * IAP - all Levels in sale -40 %
    * fix GUI elements
    * fix IAP issue
    * Minor bugs fixes
    Check it on Google Play:
    09-13-2015 05:56 AM
  16. vision217's Avatar
    hard work, kids will love it.
    09-14-2015 12:44 PM
  17. tuannv793's Avatar
    good for kid
    09-14-2015 10:48 PM
  18. sanking_mid's Avatar
    Nice game for kids - but not for me at now.
    09-19-2015 02:15 AM
  19. AmbientApps's Avatar
    Hi everybody,

    do you have any tips or ideas for next update ?

    11-24-2015 02:52 AM
  20. AmbientApps's Avatar
    Any idea for update or next game ?
    01-19-2016 06:33 PM
  21. artmtmnw's Avatar
    Good game %)
    01-20-2016 12:57 AM
  22. 1rabotchik's Avatar
    inteseted game, good job!
    02-08-2016 10:35 AM
  23. eviltony's Avatar
    wow, my kids will like this, thanks
    02-10-2016 05:41 AM
  24. sanjag's Avatar
    I can't believe it! I have this app! Really, my 3 year old girl is playing it! She loves it!
    AmbientApps likes this.
    02-11-2016 06:59 AM
  25. AB Game's Avatar
    great game !
    02-19-2016 06:26 AM
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