1. Gamexplode's Avatar
    Hi Guys,

    I recently published my first puzzle app game. Please try and give me feedback.

    Thanks , Hope you'll get challenged.

    Details and links are as follows...

    Puzzotate is a mind-blowing puzzle that is inspired by the logic of rotation. It's derived from one of the most popular puzzle of all time, the "Rubik's Cube" in 2-dimensional.

    Puzzotate is much more interesting and exciting as it is equipped with much more game functions such as - Flexible block size rotation that varies in every puzzle, Bolted objects that prevents movements, and Turnstiles that chains rotation to any adjacent blocks.

    Puzzotate Puzzle - Nothing else is more challenging!-scaledown_screenshot_2015-06-27-12-46-09.png

    The goal is the same with Rubik's Cube, just simply arrange and match the puzzle with it's given pattern.

    The game contains two modes, Arcade and Extreme mode.

    In Arcade mode, you'll start with very simple puzzles in order for you familiarize and learn the logic and movement of the puzzles. This mode is also a series of locked puzzles which walks you through from basic to more advanced puzzle. And is a move based scoring.

    In Extreme mode, you can directly skip into any puzzle and start solving but hey be warned, all puzzles in this mode are hard and challenging. And what makes it even more challenging is that it contains Leaderboard system that ranks your score with your friends or players around the world. And is a time based scoring.

    Puzzotate Puzzle - Nothing else is more challenging!-scaledown_screenshot_2015-06-27-12-52-35.png

    So keep rotating and get puzzotize!

    Android - Play Store

    iOS - App Store
    07-22-2015 10:51 AM
  2. RKhein's Avatar
    This is actually a good idea. It really needs concentration.
    07-23-2015 12:38 AM
  3. TisTis's Avatar
    Hmm, my good old Galaxy S2 is not suited for this game :-(
    07-26-2015 02:04 PM

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