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    This Android game is inspired by a built-in game on the CASIO calculator in the 80's. At each level, there are a list of digits coming up on the screen, and you basically only use 2 buttons to play - an aim button and a fire button to eliminate them. When the digits you eliminated added up to a specific amount, a monster of different colours will be generated. Eliminating each digit will get some points, and eliminating the monsters will get higher points. When you have cleared the digits of each level, you can advance to a higher one with more difficulty. So this game will test your response and arithmetic skills especially under pressure (when the digits are moving fast!)

    [FREE] [GAME] New Digit Invasion-untitled.jpg

    You can know more about the game rules from the option 'Instructions' on the main menu. Below is some information about the scoring.

    [FREE] [GAME] New Digit Invasion-untitled1.jpg

    This game also uses the Google Game Services to host the leaderboard. So if you want to post your score and access the leaderboard, you will need to have a Google+ account. Otherwise, your score will only be kept at local.

    Please free feel to have a try.

    [FREE] [GAME] New Digit Invasion-.png

    Link at Google Play:

    08-22-2015 05:47 AM
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    Welcome to the matrix
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    08-22-2015 07:27 PM

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