1. Cory Streater's Avatar
    As reported on the front page, Angry Birds Rio is coming this March

    Whatchya think? Are you excited?
    01-29-2011 11:30 AM
  2. Cyber Warrior's Avatar
    Seen it on the front page. I'm looking forward to it. That game is addictive. The last two versions I beat within a month for each.
    01-29-2011 11:33 AM
  3. Cory Streater's Avatar
    The last two versions I beat within a month for each.
    Damn man, that's pretty freaking good.
    01-29-2011 11:40 AM
  4. KreacherComforts's Avatar
    I beat angry birds and seasons! I'm ready for a new challenge. Let me ask this though; do you think this one willl be free? They've been nice to us so far, but I'm not sure they won't charge for this since it's sponsored by a movie. Whatcha think?
    01-29-2011 06:59 PM
  5. squeegee#AC's Avatar
    Can't wait for it
    01-31-2011 10:01 PM
  6. Addie_Goodvibes's Avatar
    This game is addictive, I am looking for a refreshed storyline, RIO looks to be that.

    I have completed every available level including Ham em' High 3 stars every level. and all 20 Golden Eggs

    My daughter & I play it very addictive.

    3 more Golden Eggs in Ham em' High

    Golden Egg#18: Level 12-12:
    Destroy the trophy in the middle of the level that sits between the two piles of jewels. This one is not easy to get!

    Golden Egg#19: Level 13-10:
    First zoom out then shoot yellow bird to hit hanging egg in top right under the overhang.

    Golden Egg #20: Level 13-12: Super Bowl RIO Trailer -secret code 0:27
    Waste Yellow Bird .. then shoot white egg backwards and drop egg just on the downward part of the slope behind the slingshot platform.
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    02-06-2011 09:51 AM