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    People who are the fan of the Dota game will be extremely happy because Ancient Heroes Defense for mobile is adapted from the classic Dota and also bring more surprise innovations with Defense game.

    - Sharp graphics with Chibi cute is only in the Ancient Heroes Defense
    - The characters is extremely rich and each hero has different skills for players to enjoyable experience
    - 4 fighting area, each map of Ancient Heroes Defense, you can manually choose the Heroes style and your strategy, Defense or attack enemies
    - Skills System is very diverse and countless items with different features
    - 2 modes with 120 levels, you have to collect many coins and gems to upgrade your Heroes
    - Ranking system for each stage
    Download Ancient Heroes Defense – the Chibi game style to enjoy yourself. Attack monsters and save your girl’s life, you are the Heroes!

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    08-24-2015 12:13 AM
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    Thanks for the link!
    08-24-2015 02:21 AM

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