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    [GAME} UnTangler. Ready for challenge?-logo128.png
    ★ 75000 people already chose this game over other untangle games. The game is always updating, adding new features and levels. 4 challenging levelpacks await for you as of now, show your skills! ★


    This is simple, yet very addictive puzzle untangle game. You need to untangle strings and buttons on the screen.
    To complete a level, simply ensure that the lines do not overlap. The buttons and lines change color, depending on the number of intersections in that area and it will help you with solving the level. The higher level, the more difficult it gets to get it all untangled, and it requires more skills. When you untangle all the lines, and everything becomes green, you go to the next level. You can also improve your results by solving levels faster, earning more stars. Color of the timer indicates how successful you are doing. Build your own untangling strategy, develop skills, get 3 buttons (stars) at each level and become the best untangler ever!

    ✔ 96 100% solvable interesting levels. More levels in next updates
    ✔ Improve your results, get more buttons, develop your logic skills!
    ✔ User friendly interface, which is very convenient
    ✔ Animated tutorials
    ✔ Planned a lot of interesting features in next versions
    ✔ Beautiful graphics on any device (HD supported)
    ✔ Outstanding performance

    [GAME} UnTangler. Ready for challenge?-untangler-1-.jpg [GAME} UnTangler. Ready for challenge?-untangler-2-.jpg [GAME} UnTangler. Ready for challenge?-untangler-3-.jpg [GAME} UnTangler. Ready for challenge?-untangler-4-.jpg [GAME} UnTangler. Ready for challenge?-untangler-5-.jpg [GAME} UnTangler. Ready for challenge?-untangler-6-.jpg [GAME} UnTangler. Ready for challenge?-untangler-7-.jpg [GAME} UnTangler. Ready for challenge?-untangler-8-.jpg [GAME} UnTangler. Ready for challenge?-untangler-9-.jpg

    To get full information about untangling read Help in menu of the game and follow tutorials when you launch each levelpack first time. Untangle the lines, break records, unlock new features. We hope you'll like this game! We are working to provide you with new interesting features with every update of Untangler!

    If you have any issues with the game, please tell me, and I'll fix it as soon as possible!
    Enjoy playing!
    08-25-2015 10:46 PM
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    Thanks for the link!
    08-26-2015 02:38 AM
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    interesting game, thanks
    08-26-2015 04:30 AM
  4. hiteshonline's Avatar
    Seems nice....
    08-27-2015 01:41 AM
  5. killedby91's Avatar
    Seems nice thanks for the post.
    08-27-2015 08:16 AM

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