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    Download the game for FREE: Chess Elite - Android Market

    1st Chess game with Elo Rating!
    Enjoy correspondence Chess at its best with this game and become the Grandmaster of Android Chess! The ultimate challenge has just arrived.

    Chess Elite fuses the power of one of the strongest Chess Engine with the power of Web to keep you connected on the go and provides you with the best challenges. The game is perfectly crafted for both the beginners and the advanced players.

    If youre among the people who miss the days when you could sit down with your friends for a relaxing game of Chess, heres the perfect opportunity to send them a request and enjoy a game of Chess, as with Chess Elite, the distance in miles no longer matters!!! Battle it out in the War of the Wits as Chess Elite gives you the chance to play with Pros from all across the globe.

    - Play against Contacts and community of chess players
    - Intuitive and easy to use UIs with spectacular graphics
    - Shows legal moves, coordinates, last moves
    - Elo Rating system to rate the relative chess skills of players
    - Game summary in terms of overall Wins and Losses
    - Sort feature to display the list of opponents sorted based on Name, Elo Rating, Max Wins, Max Losses
    - Chess Elite Clubs and Smart Groups to categorize players
    - Chat feature that lets you discuss the game, share Chess tips and tactics.
    - Play against Chess Elite community players of iPhone version
    02-03-2011 02:21 AM