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    Hi, everybody! I'm a newby here. so let me introduce myself. My name is Adrian and I'm a developer of INDIE GAMES by Oriplay company. We are young and enthusiastic team loving what we do. Recently we've issued 3 projects: Drop Hunt - brain puzzle and fresh-released Lamphead - endless ranner and Blitz Blotz - endless arcade.

    You may wonder how we came to the game developing. The story of our team begins since 2006, when we were old enough to start earning and too ambitious to work at sombody. So my friend, decided to develop a game in Hidden Objects style named "Adventure of Robinson Crusoe". My fatalistic role at that deal was in the fact that I led him to such a big and popular project as BigFishGames. The game developing took 18 months and was released and had a great success at BigFishGames in December, 2007. So, at the first game we worked together with my friend.

    Later our little band proceeded to creat apart and I started developing the game Hidden Objects - Nanny Notes: Secret of Broche.

    You know, it was not without issues all the way to the aim: building of stretagy, promotion and, of course, lack of finance... But I want to tell that when you take your dreams and aims seriousely and work hard you will definitely succeed!
    09-12-2015 07:20 AM

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