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    The new version of "Two Towers" released.
    Android 2.1 or higher.
    For all resolutions!

    If you are looking for an application at the Market, the name is the same - "Two Towers ". But the price of the modified game is 0.99.

    This is a fantasy game with its own properties, made as card game and styled as Lord of the Rings. The rules are not hard.
    Fight using lots of unique cards, protect your tower and build around it unapproachable walls. Turn the enemys bastion into ruins. Collect resources for stronger cards and dont let your enemy to destroy your mines.

    If you destroy enemys tower or build you own tower for maximum size you win! It's first card game for Android in such style, so it's rather interesting.

    - For all resolutions (even 240x320)
    - Updated system of tips. Card information is displayed when you select the card and wait some time.
    - Reduced size of application
    - Faster loading

    More information, screenshots and links:
    EOS Project
    02-05-2011 07:07 AM
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    02-11-2011 03:06 AM