1. Ushkalka Mob's Avatar
    [FREE GAME] Bomb Touch-64x64.png

    Explosive Touch

    Use your Explosive touch to the white sphere as frequently encountered with orange squares.
    In each collision strength decreases by one unit.
    Orange spheres added to 1 unit of strength.


    [FREE GAME] Bomb Touch-1.png

    [FREE GAME] Bomb Touch-3.png

    [FREE GAME] Bomb Touch-4.png
    09-25-2015 06:49 AM
  2. quan0312's Avatar
    How to play this game bro? I don't understand.
    09-25-2015 12:20 PM
  3. Ushkalka Mob's Avatar
    Press the screen in place of pressing the bomb explodes. The blast wave scatters white and orange spheres. Blast as to the scope as much as possible faced with squares
    09-27-2015 07:49 AM
  4. Geet Malhotra's Avatar
    Good concept!!
    09-28-2015 07:08 AM
  5. DanielGoodSoft's Avatar
    Yeah, interesting!!!
    09-29-2015 03:40 PM
  6. Ushkalka Mob's Avatar
    Good concept!!
    Glad you liked it.
    10-07-2015 01:36 AM
  7. Ushkalka Mob's Avatar
    Yeah, interesting!!!
    Glad you liked it.
    10-07-2015 01:36 AM
  8. WonderkidDev's Avatar
    Nice work
    10-09-2015 07:36 PM
  9. Kirill Chuzhvo's Avatar
    Nice! It's difficult!
    10-11-2015 03:02 AM
  10. Hyper Laser's Avatar
    Fun game. Good concept and quite challenging
    10-11-2015 03:48 AM
  11. Mad Chaps's Avatar
    Such a simple idea, yet, such a fun game! And it's quite challenging
    10-11-2015 04:05 AM
  12. chesslove's Avatar
    I tried your game
    Too hard for me
    Gave you a 5* review for your hard work! Keep it up, bro
    10-11-2015 04:21 AM
  13. Ushkalka Mob's Avatar
    Thank you all for your feedback about the game. I will take them into account when updating the game.
    10-14-2015 11:16 PM
  14. Kralge's Avatar
    10-15-2015 12:18 PM
  15. Ushkalka Mob's Avatar
    Glad you liked it!
    10-20-2015 12:20 AM
  16. lumpyyy's Avatar
    Nice idea!
    10-21-2015 01:56 AM
  17. ZiadSohail's Avatar
    Good !!
    11-17-2015 11:45 PM
  18. Ushkalka Mob's Avatar
    Nice idea!
    Good !!
    Glad you liked it!
    12-07-2015 12:49 AM
  19. Kojote1980's Avatar
    Nice game, but with little bit more efforts for the graphics there could be far more attention.
    12-20-2015 02:25 AM
  20. Lukas369's Avatar
    Thanks for the link!
    12-20-2015 08:31 AM

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