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    Hello all,

    May I present to you my game available on Google Play called "Star Dancer" (Cinematic Space

    Battles For Mobile).

    It is a space strategy game much like the board game Risk but with action packed 3d space battles to

    resolve conflicts between players.

    The google play link can be found when searching for mattiesgames

    Thanks for your time.

    from Matt
    Star Dancer - Cinematic Space Battles For Mobile (Free and Paid)-full2a.jpgStar Dancer - Cinematic Space Battles For Mobile (Free and Paid)-full3.jpg
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    10-02-2015 06:04 AM
  2. rango77's Avatar
    looks cool!
    10-06-2015 07:57 AM
  3. Matt Lloyd1's Avatar
    As developer of Star Dancer I'm more than happy to field questions either at my email address contactus at mattiesgames dot com or here about the game.

    The game has had predominantly good ratings and reviews (mostly 5 star from people from all over the world) although the actual numbers are quite low at this stage. Unfortunately there was a single 1 star rating with no review so I was unable to address whatever may have been that user's concerns. However, as stated - the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive for the game.

    It is quite different from most games and that may be a little disconcerting at first but if you enjoy watching action packed space battles on your hand held device (like I do) then it's perfect for a quick battle on the bus as you watch the ships blast each other to smithereens in space.

    I do have a little more work to do on the sound effects since the sound effects are inconsistent across devices - on some of them the volume is too low for the pilot chatter. I may have to look into how to address this.

    The actual graphics scale with the power of the device. Low spec devices use lower resolution textures and a less detailed background nebula to ensure a high frame rate. Although - on extremely low spec devices it is difficult to make it run smoothly (by really low spec I mean those ultra cheap 7" tablets you find in department stores)

    All in all even though I'm obviously biased as the developer of my own game I really love watching the space battles and can do so all morning on a Saturday morning in a nice local coffee shop.
    12-17-2015 04:52 AM
  4. Vinh Nguyen Hoang's Avatar
    12-21-2015 09:31 AM
  5. Matt Lloyd1's Avatar
    Hi folks,

    I've released another game which is the spiritual successor to Star Dancer, ths one is called
    "Star Pilot X - 3D Space Combat".

    In it you play the role of an EarthHope fighter pilot in the war against the evil AioSenti empire.

    It is an arcade space combat flight sim for mobile.

    Because of the fiddliness of the mobile interface I've decided to go with a very simple control scheme.
    One button changes your current target, the other button fires your laser. Flight controls are otherwise handled
    by the game itself. So in a sense it is kind of an on the rails shooter and kind of a flight sim.

    There are 6 missions currently but I will add to these over time.

    I hope you enjoy playing the game, I enjoy flying around and blowing up those evil AioSenti space ships quite a bit.

    Here is the link:

    Here are some screenshots:
    Star Dancer - Cinematic Space Battles For Mobile (Free and Paid)-gg1.jpg

    10-29-2016 02:54 PM

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