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    Our studio just released a new game for both iOS and android, Slash Saga! It's a Universal Free App and and features a combination of Swipe-Action, RPG, and CCG gameplay. Please check it out and give us any feedback and suggestions in this thread!

    Download Now from iTunes: https://apps.apple.com/app/slash-saga/id999502155?ls=1
    The game is also available for Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...mage.slashsaga

    === The Slash Action RPG you’ve been waiting for! ===

    Lead a band of heroes to take back your kingdom! Defeat enemies by slashing magic orbs to charge bonus attacks. Recruit, strengthen, and evolve your heroes to beat challenging bosses. Complete quests, build a town, join a guild, and much more!

    == Slash Battles
    Slash magic orbs, avoid poison bottles, and charge your heroes’ skills to take out powerful bosses.

    == Save your Kingdom
    The kingdom of Utopia was one a beautiful place, but it has now been taken over the evil Lord Omega. Complete quests, defeat enemies and learn what happened to your kingdom and your family.

    == Compete for Glory
    Compete against other heroes to outrank them in weekly and permanent leaderboards.

    == Discover Great Heroes
    Recruit legendary heroes and train them through Strengthening and Evolution. Boost your heroes’ power even further by sending out special team combinations.

    == Key Features
    - 175 different characters to collect, strengthen and evolve
    - 450+ story driven quests
    - 130+ unique character skills
    - Enjoy epic slash battles!
    - Discover the truth about your past and save your kingdom
    - Recruit 5 and 6 star heroes
    - Battle other players for supremacy in the PVP Arena
    - Start or join a guild with friends!
    - Build a town where your heroes can recharge and train
    - Make friends and visit their towns

    [Free] Slash Saga [ Swipe-Action / RPG / CCG by Playmage]-screen520x924.jpeg[Free] Slash Saga [ Swipe-Action / RPG / CCG by Playmage]-screen520x9244.jpeg[Free] Slash Saga [ Swipe-Action / RPG / CCG by Playmage]-screen520x924-1-.jpeg[Free] Slash Saga [ Swipe-Action / RPG / CCG by Playmage]-screen520x924-2-.jpeg[Free] Slash Saga [ Swipe-Action / RPG / CCG by Playmage]-screen520x924-3-.jpeg
    10-13-2015 03:33 AM
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    Your game looks good... Best of luck with your game, i will surely play this game.
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    10-13-2015 05:13 AM
  3. GLGJingMarvel's Avatar
    Looks greate, I'll try it !
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    10-13-2015 05:25 AM
  4. Playmage's Avatar
    10-14-2015 01:47 AM
  5. Playmage's Avatar
    How do I delete my repeated replies...
    10-14-2015 01:47 AM
  6. Playmage's Avatar
    Your game looks good... Best of luck with your game, i will surely play this game.

    Looks greate, I'll try it !
    10-14-2015 01:48 AM
  7. Didioliver's Avatar
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    10-14-2015 03:01 AM
  8. Playmage's Avatar
    Upgraded to version 1.0.32!
    11-04-2015 03:40 AM
  9. hotpotsoft's Avatar
    nice, did you make the assets by yourself too?
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    11-04-2015 04:51 PM
  10. TheChosen's Avatar
    This game is a piece of crap! You don't even care about running this game! The game is run by a bunch of cheaters, you're aware of this yet you continue to let these cheaters dictate the game. You've released this game world wide only to have less than 10 people play this game competitively. That's how terrible this game is and that's how terrible and lazy you guys are at running this game!

    Save your time and money. This game blows and so do the developers who are absolutely rude and have poor communication skills.
    08-12-2018 10:05 AM

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