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    I have a Lenovo A8 'A5500-F' with Android 4.4.2 rooted (but the problem was even before rooting). In this device Games appear only as apps instead of showing off their full information, for example I have Real Racing 3 which has a total size of 3 GB and in the app information under settings it appears only as the app on about 78 MB which in the meantime it's movable to the external SD Card which is impossible on Android 4.4. But when moving it to the SD card it doesn't move any of the game data 2-3 GB for example but only about 50 MB in a hidden folder in the external SD Card. The same goes with other games. If the total size of a game is 1 GB it appears 50 or 100 MB in the app menu like it was showing only the app and not the files of the game. I hope I explained it well so everyone would understand what I mean.
    Also the second problem which this cause is that when I'm deleting a game once again it only deletes the app and it leaves behind it the whole game data whatever is 500 MB, 1 GB or 3 GB etc. In order to release space I deleted manually with a file manager/explorer which this files are stored in the folder "Android" and it's has 2 more folders it's either in one of them or has made files in both of them. The funny part is that it makes the exact same folder for the game on the external SD Card which are completely empty! But their are deleted when I deleted the game but the folder / game data in internal storage is not deleted. My question is this, is that completely normal and it's just an unfinished business of Android 4.4 or it has to do something with the device? If yes, is it fixable with the root cause either way I want to have full access to the SD card but first I want to be sure that this game data problem is common. Thank you
    10-29-2015 12:01 PM

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