1. dan1668#AC's Avatar
    Hey I'm currently a BB storm user who is sick of crappy games and I'd like to know how the android game market compares to apples.

    I was thinking about gettn a T-Bolt, but that stupid psp phone looks kinda cool *though sony never updates their stuff >: (.

    I mean i keep searching on the android app store and can't really find many graphically good games that are fun. It seems like the psx emulator is the next best thing, but the locked out iphones seem to more stuff like that.

    Maybe there are multiple markets and I just can't find anything. Am I wrong?
    02-14-2011 12:09 AM
  2. JMusic's Avatar
    You don't mention what type of games you are interested in. Dungeon Defenders, Pocket Legends, Need For Speed, Steambirds, Angry Birds, Baseball Superstars, Homerun Battle, MiniSquadron, Mystique, Monopoly Here and Now... all graphically good games that are fun (and some of the most fun games have crap graphics... check out Battleflood and Coloroid and Solipskier and Lights Out and Game Dev Story).
    02-14-2011 08:11 AM
  3. dan1668#AC's Avatar
    Good graphics, generally fun,and something that takes advantage of the accelerometer.
    Well I saw dungeon defenders and angry birds, but I have friends that have the top games on itunes and stuff like cut the rope and PVZ is great. Here's the thing I have no clue about, does itunes have the a small amount of gems like android and it just seems like they have a massive amount?

    I'd rather just get an android phone and a ipod touch, but it seems like a inconvenience, since the android phones can do pretty much do the exact same thing as the ipod touch *just the games*.

    I don't know what to do >_<
    02-14-2011 11:04 AM
  4. motoroid7's Avatar
    I think android has awesome quality. Take a look at pocket legends. Its a wow like mmorpg for android.
    02-22-2011 11:18 PM
  5. Slachter's Avatar
    I didn't like Pocket Legends too much. All the time I wondered why I would like to play a computer game on a small screen and inferior controls. That's basically the reason I am not too interested in high graphics. The best games I have found (like Avid Planets and Game Dev Story) are not really lookers. But as a hardcore gamer (on computers) I don't regard these as real games. I am hoping to see some games that really take advantage of mobile features. Something you couldn't do on computers.
    07-03-2011 04:44 PM