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    [FREE] Head-to-Head strategy game 'RTS JangGi'-intro_header_lang1.png

    Hello, everyone.
    I would like to introduce Brand-New game RTS JangGi!

    RTS JangGi is the unique real-time strategy game
    motivated eastern traditional board game JangGi(similar to CHESS).

    [FREE] Head-to-Head strategy game 'RTS JangGi'-screenshot_num1_lang1_50p.png [FREE] Head-to-Head strategy game 'RTS JangGi'-screenshot_num2_lang1_50p.png

    [FREE] Head-to-Head strategy game 'RTS JangGi'-screenshot_num3_lang1_50p.png [FREE] Head-to-Head strategy game 'RTS JangGi'-screenshot_num4_lang1_50p.png

    [FREE] Head-to-Head strategy game 'RTS JangGi'-unit_intro_lang1_30p.png

    Try rush for Victory with awakening battle units
    from sleep for thousands of years!


    Thank you for reading!
    Try playing when free!!
    Attached Thumbnails [FREE] Head-to-Head strategy game 'RTS JangGi'-intro_header_50p.png  
    11-17-2015 11:06 AM

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