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    so I redownloaded Call of duty Black ops zombies game to my phone that I have played on my tablet but on my phone whenever the I tap the icon to load the game it is a black screen for a decent amount of seconds and then it crashes I load the game again and the same thing happens I reinstalled the game and it happens again I tried to reinstall it again and this time after I uninstall it and before I installed it decided to go open my file manager and look for the file and if it was there I deleted the file then I installed it but the same thing happens and whenever I try to search for my problem I see nothing on it i went to the activision help to fix my problem they give me a solution that never works if anyone can please help me out in fixing this please do i paid money for that game and if my phone can load Call of duty strike team fine then why can't my phone load this please help me fix this and thank you if you do
    11-18-2015 07:08 PM

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