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    The cute Baboos need your help! Can you complete as many rainbow lines as possible?!

    Download here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...ercookie.baboo

    [FREE] [GAME] Baboo! Cute Puzzle Game-screenshot01.jpg
    [FREE] [GAME] Baboo! Cute Puzzle Game-screenshot02.jpg
    [FREE] [GAME] Baboo! Cute Puzzle Game-screenshot03.jpg

    Baboo! is a fun and challenging yet simple puzzle game, great for brain training!

    The idea is simple, complete lines left-and-right or up-and-down to score high and watch out not to fill up the screen!

    Perfect for when you need to pass time, be it as few minutes waiting for a bus, train or metro, or when you pop out for a coffee break at work.

    Once you master the art of Baboo! you will find yourself challenge friends and family to the top score. Can you beat them all?!

    - Cute and colorful characters
    - Super easy to pick up, anyone can play, kids and adults alike
    - Fun sound effects and little details
    - Challenging gameplay, the more you play the better you get. Great brain training!
    - Beat your friends and family and share a screenshot with them to brag!
    - Can you get a double rainbow?!
    11-24-2015 12:15 PM
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    Thanks for the link!
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    11-24-2015 01:50 PM

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