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    New for Android tablets and phones!

    TileRacer is a fast-paced twist on the tile slider format.

    - Infinite variety of play
    - Multi-player
    - 6 boards to choose from
    - Beautiful, crisp graphics
    - Global and local high scores
    - Easy for all ages to learn and play
    - Unlimited challenge
    - Android 2.1 and higher
    - Free ad-supported version available.
    - $1.99 ad-free version.
    - More into at HolyHog Software, LLC | TileRacer
    - Market link market://details?id=com.holyhog.tileracer

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    The goal is to connect the two yellow jellies along the edge of the board
    with a complete path of yellow. Slide tiles into the empty space to construct
    your path.

    TileRacer is uniquely multi-player, too. You can take turns or up to four players can
    play at once on the same device. This is really cool on a tablet like the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

    02-18-2011 09:58 AM