01-26-2016 08:46 PM
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  1. plastikelectrik's Avatar
    Like it, looks like made in Japan
    01-09-2016 10:04 AM
  2. OnlyGames's Avatar
    Hi guys, many thanks for your words
    I believe many people like zombie stuff
    01-11-2016 06:07 AM
  3. chichan47's Avatar
    hi thanks alot.. nice thread..
    01-14-2016 02:58 AM
  4. OnlyGames's Avatar
    You can also try out our another arcade (totally different graphics though)
    01-15-2016 04:42 AM
  5. aditi raw's Avatar
    nice game .. i like it..Thanks for sharing
    OnlyGames likes this.
    01-15-2016 08:25 AM
  6. DepadStudioInc's Avatar
    zombies zombies zombies
    01-15-2016 01:56 PM
  7. Julerdo Mexican's Avatar
    As I saw the word "zombie" I jumped into this thread. Ahh! What do you know? They are so cute. I can not lift my arm for killing. I will never excuse myself. Tactical zombies. hohoho.
    OnlyGames likes this.
    01-24-2016 04:48 PM
  8. Pavel Churchill's Avatar
    Looks very very nice.
    OnlyGames likes this.
    01-25-2016 07:23 AM
  9. Natysoz's Avatar
    more zombies ! looking good!
    01-26-2016 08:46 PM
34 12

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