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    [Free][Game][2.3+]Christmas Games-icon512.jpg

    A set of puzzle games for Christmas including 17 games.

    [Free][Game][2.3+]Christmas Games-sc5.jpg[Free][Game][2.3+]Christmas Games-sc1.jpg[Free][Game][2.3+]Christmas Games-sc3.jpg

    An excellent game that will put your children in a happy Christmas mood!

    Please see demonstration video :

    12-20-2015 04:10 AM
  2. Kojote1980's Avatar
    The artwork looks borrowed, it's original? Overall it doesn't seem to have a constant style. I mean not that it's bad or so, but the overall impression might be spoiled.
    12-20-2015 04:40 AM
  3. Lukas369's Avatar
    Good. But I dont like ads in kids games... :/
    12-20-2015 08:32 AM
  4. ahushiling's Avatar
    12-20-2015 12:50 PM
  5. ahushiling's Avatar
    Added 6 more mini-games.
    12-08-2016 12:57 AM

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