1. MaximGorbunov's Avatar
    Run, boy, run!
    Help the boy to dodge cacti, birds and other obstacles!
    Dodge crazy tricks of nature on your way!
    Do not let the boy fall!

    - On your way you have to overcome the cactus! Birds ... and much more!
    - Over time the boy ran faster
    - Do not run into cacti, birds and other fun obstacles!
    - Bright nice 2D graphics!
    Rather, take part in the game of the Velcro-runner in the Play Market!

    12-28-2015 12:04 AM
  2. mahanradman88's Avatar
    12-28-2015 11:31 PM
  3. Riya Bajaj's Avatar
    Good but you should make its design good, may be in 3D? what you say?
    12-29-2015 09:16 AM

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