1. Senthil Vigneswaran's Avatar
    Hey Guys,

    I see a lot of new games on here. I am also developing a game myself. What might be helpful to other developers. Maybe someone can sticky this if you think it is helpful.

    Listed by Priority:

    1. Fun Content - Balance the content, it is great to have a lot but if it is a new game don't put so much as to overwhelm the player. Alternatively lock features of the game and have players unlock them as they progress. This lets people play without being overwhelmed. A game without content is pretty much going to fail so plan the game out first and note what content you want before proceeding. The top games are lacking in content. I've played 100's of droid games but most don't make it past 1 day. Unfortunately the top games are often made for making cash rather than fun. I for one like to play for more than 5 mins a day.

    2. Functionality - Make sure you test the bugs. Not only causing game crashes but little bugs that are harder to find like if you are upgrading a weapon for example and it is supposed to increase the stats but it incorrectly does it. I've found this in many games. You upgrade but the stat gain is so low compared to what it is stated to be that it makes no real difference. If weapon is supposed to gain +30 damage but you only do +2 in actual battle there is something wrong (I know this because the enemies are static in most games). Make sure you test all game functions and ensure they work properly. Easy way is to use logs to do this in the development and testing of the game. Logs will tell you the values so you know if it is working. UPDATES - test, test and test! How many games break when then update it? A LOT. This is because they test the updated part but not the rest of the game. In more complex games 1 change could affect everything else so play the game for a day or so before releasing the update. Have other people test it as well.

    3. Static V.S Dynamic Content - This is preference really but I prefer games that are dynamic in terms of content. For example if you are doing a level based game, make randomly generated levels so the player doesn't get bored if they are repeating levels. This offers both a challenge factor and more fun because you don't know what to expect. Some things you can keep static if you want but have at least 1 or 2 things that change. It will keep people playing because it is not the same thing over and over again.

    4. Graphics - Make graphics nice but doesn't have to be next gen graphics. For example, you don't need 3D graphics to make a game good. Remember 3D graphics are nice yes but they take a lot of BATTERY power. I've played games that kill my battery within 20 mins of playing (my battery was brand new at the time). It was so bad that my charger couldn't charge it fast while playing. 2D graphics are nice and take up much less battery. If your game is really fun people will overlook the graphics as long as they are not blurry, glitched, etc. Just make them clear and easy on the eyes and you are covered.

    5. Sound - Sound to me is not important at all. I play most of my android games on my phone so it's on silent (play in public spaces so don't want the sound on high). You should have a few nice sound effects and some background music for those players that do play with sound.

    The following is based on preference. All games, including free ones, have a cost. Whether it is time or money, both are costs. So In-App Purchases can help keep a game alive.

    6. In-App Purchases - I don't like games that are Pay to Win. What does this mean? This means if you are a player that plays for free or one that spends only a little bit of money (less than $10) you will never win against players that spend $100's. So if you want to make a game fun but still want to get paid make the products balanced. Use products that save time rather than making one player more powerful than another. All content should be available to free players but they have to play and work for it in game. Don't make your game Pay to Win because you will make money if it is a good game but eventually the game will fail because it will not be about gaming but spending money. I also find random products for real money very annoying. If I am paying for something, I prefer to have what I want rather than random item that usually ends up being trash so you have to spend more and more to get the one you want.

    If you guys have things to add, please do so but I think I covered most of it.
    01-11-2016 01:33 PM
  2. BR Top's Avatar
    Thanks Senthil Vigneswaran, as a beginner game developer, this tips are really helpful.
    03-27-2016 03:54 PM
  3. Senthil Vigneswaran's Avatar
    No Problem! I'm working on a Graphics Assistance site, I have a bunch of Assets that I will be offering for free to new developers. Just making sure it is OK and won't violate any copyright from the artist.
    06-16-2016 05:02 PM
  4. foong79's Avatar
    Thanks for your tips, I'm just started to build my own indie game, and get the game publish recently. To me the lack of graphics is really a problem to me as I can't do my own graphics, as the game make is not really making money, can't get any one to provide the nice graphics, any suggestion?
    06-16-2016 11:14 PM

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