1. Habakuk's Avatar
    Hi all!
    I'm happy to announce that my second Android game "The Tower of Egbert" has been released! It's free and something completely different (as far as I know) so you might wan't to give it a try

    Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...l.thetowergame

    [GAME][FREE] The Tower of Egbert-3_small.png [GAME][FREE] The Tower of Egbert-4_small.png

    A very short gameplay description:
    “The Tower of Egbert” is a physics-based tower building game with a magic twist*.
    Unlike in all the other building games I know of, you’re not restricted to using only a few elements to create a rather unspectacular building. Instead you may use several thousand blocks (bricks, arcs, roofs, deco items, …) to build quite impressive towers and discover interesting areas as you grow it towards the endless vastness of space.
    You’ll have to fight gravity, winds, falling rocks, and other dangers on your way up.

    Build the greatest tower ever and see if your tower can stand the test of time!

    *you can build freely until you reach a certain height and activate the physics simulation. After a few seconds Egbert the Sorcerer will come to your aid and enchant/fix all the blocks built so far to ensure you can continue building safely

    For more information please check out:
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Giggly-Mill...1725465944666/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/GigglyMill
    Homepage: Giggly Mill Productions

    [GAME][FREE] The Tower of Egbert-1_small.png [GAME][FREE] The Tower of Egbert-5_small.png

    I really hope you’ll enjoy the game!
    01-14-2016 12:15 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Thanks for the link! Nice graphic style.
    Habakuk likes this.
    01-14-2016 04:58 PM
  3. Habakuk's Avatar
    Thanks, I'm glad you like it!
    01-17-2016 11:53 AM
  4. cb_overmy_net's Avatar
    Interesting game concept! Wish you beat by rating the Angry Birds! )))
    Habakuk likes this.
    01-17-2016 12:40 PM
  5. chernikovalex's Avatar
    Nice graphics!
    Habakuk likes this.
    01-17-2016 03:13 PM
  6. Habakuk's Avatar
    Thank you guys! @cb_overmy_net that might be challenging but why not
    01-19-2016 11:58 AM
  7. artmtmnw's Avatar
    Good game style, like it !
    Habakuk likes this.
    01-20-2016 12:58 AM
  8. Rotschilein's Avatar
    Very nice Design and Music!
    Habakuk likes this.
    01-23-2016 06:55 AM
  9. androgeym's Avatar
    i like style
    Habakuk likes this.
    01-23-2016 09:20 AM
  10. Habakuk's Avatar
    Thanks again for the encouraging words. If you're looking for something interesting to do this week and want to win some nice stuff - I've started the first “Tower of the Week” challenge!

    Whoever uploads a picture of his or her tower to my homepage (Upload Tower | Giggly Mill Productions) has a chance to win 1 out of 5 keys for the “Unlimited Deco Item” package in the game - it doesn't matter how your tower looks, don't be shy!

    Also there will be one single tower that will be announced the “Tower of the Week”.
    It will be displayed permanently in the Hall of Fame (Hall of Fame | Giggly Mill Productions). Additionally the winner can choose between a key for the premium version of the game (ads away, unlimited deco, and all worlds unlocked) and a letter with 36 handmade magnetic blocks that can be used on magnetic surfaces (I use them as fridge magnets as you can see on the photos).

    [GAME][FREE] The Tower of Egbert-1_small.jpg [GAME][FREE] The Tower of Egbert-2_small.jpg

    This first challenge will stop on Sunday the 6th of March 23:59 CET. I will announce the winners on the day after - if there are some entries of course

    Have fun!
    02-16-2016 06:01 AM
  11. anon(9827988)'s Avatar
    Nice idea with the challenge! And that makes for a funky fridge magnet that would definitely intrigue people when they come round
    Habakuk likes this.
    02-16-2016 11:43 AM
  12. Habakuk's Avatar
    Thanks! I hope somebody will be taking part in the challenge, I guess I just have to be a little patient. Since there are no uploads yet you would have a good chance of winning the magnets if you uploaded something
    Oh, and I don't know if that's clear - it's not one big fridge magnet but 36 little pieces that you can arrange however you like.
    02-17-2016 02:53 AM
  13. peps16's Avatar
    Nice Game and Design! Thanks!
    Habakuk likes this.
    02-19-2016 01:14 AM
  14. AB Game's Avatar
    nice graphics and style!
    Habakuk likes this.
    02-19-2016 05:47 AM
  15. saglorm's Avatar
    cool graphics. well done!
    03-01-2016 01:48 AM
  16. Phoenix3Dev's Avatar
    Good style. Congrats!
    03-01-2016 10:20 AM
  17. joseph98i's Avatar
    great game
    03-01-2016 12:13 PM
  18. Viktor Shevchenko's Avatar
    Excellent game. 5 Ratings from my side.
    03-15-2016 04:47 PM

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