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    Pirate Conquest - a mobile game for devices Android, in the popular gameplay scrollshoter.

    [FREE][ARCADE] Pirate Conquest-56a0fa632b4022.02372820.png

    "Raise the sails! Skipper, set a course!" Driving a pirate ship we have to go on a dangerous journey through the vast seas, filled with danger, greedy merchants of all stripes, and bloodthirsty pirates, scurrying here and there in search of lost treasure.

    [FREE][ARCADE] Pirate Conquest-56a108171150f9.30931811.png

    "Battle stations!" No one will be left out, or deprived, direct your guns towards enemies, drown and Rob wealthy merchants, carrying in the holds of their goods. On Board the ship! Take away the pirates treasure map and find the pirate treasure, full of untold wealth.

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    "The sea does not tolerate losers!" Greed and adventure can make you go far from home port, before you know it and now you are in the Northern seas, and icebergs calved from the ice can easily break the Board in your boat. Sudden onset of the storm and tsunami with ease will blow your ship to pieces. And inveterate huckster already so will just stand by and watch you try to Rob them and give a return volley! But the worst thing for a captain to lose credibility in the eyes of his team, and get a black mark.

    [FREE][ARCADE] Pirate Conquest-56a11b0d6e5d63.02692827.png

    "Life on land is intolerable for the sea wolf."
    The port where we start our journey, allows you to be well prepared before going to sea. Swimming may be delayed, and therefore of going to sea need to take care of prepesach, otherwise the team without their morning rations, will rebel and will reward the brave captain black mark! In the Tavern, as expected, our sea dog can rest after a fierce battle, and tell everyone about their amazing adventures.

    [FREE][ARCADE] Pirate Conquest-56a11c74e1bd11.05416173.png

    In the yards the sailors, the captain may order the construction of a new vessel, but it is not cheap, and we will: send to the bottom more than one thousand ships of merchants and pirates, dig up hundreds of buried treasures, and pass more than one thousand nautical miles, before we will collect the necessary sum for the construction of the ship.

    [FREE][ARCADE] Pirate Conquest-56a11b3a03b475.64877634.png

    The merchant, on the prize, we can improve our craft: setting new sails to increase speed and maneuverability or increase the body that will allow you to withstand more damage, and increased the hold will allow to take on Board more supplies and extend our voyage. Moreover dealer, offers to set us on the ship for more tools to attack multiple opponents.

    [FREE][ARCADE] Pirate Conquest-56a11be16858e8.88220853.png

    The Bank. But if I were to build a new ship or upgrades for the old ship, our captain is not enough piastres or doubloons, not all so sad as you may seem at first glance. To help sitting at the corner loan shark.

    [FREE][ARCADE] Pirate Conquest-56a11ba647a7e4.70341509.png

    Well Captain? Ready to go! The guns installed, the holds filled with supplies, the team is in fighting mood. Forward to meet adventures!
    Download game on the smartphone at the link " play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.metallstudio.pirateconquest&hl=en "

    P. S. This is the first game from our Studio, we will be glad to assessments, feedback and suggestions.

    Video Gamepaly link " youtube.com/watch?v=7OHpnBZK5SY "
    01-23-2016 01:46 PM
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    Thanks for sharing
    01-23-2016 02:12 PM
  3. metallman666's Avatar
    Greetings friends!
    Work on our game continues.

    Improved optimization of the game.
    Reduced app size.
    The gameplay has become more dynamic.

    The update is already uploaded to GPlay play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.metallstudio.pirateconquest&hl=en

    Thank you all for feedback and evaluation.
    02-22-2016 05:08 AM

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