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    [Game][Free] Candy Magic Crash Free Game-ico.png

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    Colorful candies will be crushed when you match three of the same color in a row.
    Candy Magic Crash is a match-two captivating puzzle game!
    How to play:a
    ★ Swap candies to match 3 in a row to remove
    ★ classic Mode: achieve a specific objective to solve the puzzle
    ★ Time Attack Mode: match AS fast as you can level up
    ★ matching four or more candy together creates crash explosion
    ★ A soft adventure and thrilling match-3 challenge with impressive levels.
    ★ power-ups and unique and delicious combos in each level.
    ★ innovative new gameplay is as much as you can and eat sweets maximum.
    ★ fantastic candy islands, hundreds of free levels well designed! Free levels and game modes added regularly!
    ★ Fun and easy to pick up, but a rewarding challenge to master!
    ★ sweet and shiny candies, very delicious!
    ★ multiple objectives set
    ★ very small but super tasty graphics
    ★ Create a high score in your circle of friends
    ★ Nice graphics
    ★ Intuitive gameplay.
    ★ Fill adventurous levels and unlock goodies
    ★ Easy and fun to play but difficult to master fully.
    ★ Sounds amazing effects and stunning
    ★ Unlimited in live for you.
    ★ Match 3 or more pieces of candy on a Sweet Spot! jump across the board and score more
    ★ 3 game modes: Classic, Time Attack, endless, Crush
    ★ 7 different caption candy with beautiful style sweets and many items of special sweets: candy lightning fire, bomb explosion crushing candy, star, colorful ...
    ★ nice, clean HD graphics, cool animations and smooth game play.
    ★ Easy and fun to start, but a challenge to achieve high scores and high levels

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    Thanks for the link!
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    You are Welcome
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    thank you
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