1. honestlyx21's Avatar
    I heard good reviews on the game Shoot U! So i decided to download it, it downloaded and then when i went to open it, all i got was a blank white screen that made gun noises when i pressed it. And for some reason when i went to uninstall it, i didnt get the refund option. So im wondering if any of you Droid owners have had this issue or if you think it may have some conflicts with other apps?
    02-01-2010 08:04 PM
  2. anon(3850)'s Avatar
    Never a issue here. I love the game so fun. Email the Creator.
    02-02-2010 02:59 AM
  3. YoungChrisG's Avatar
    Also, on a side note, if you want a refund for an app, never uninstall it from you settings menu. Go into the market, press the menu button, press downloads, and then select the app you want a refund for. At the bottom of the screen you should see an option for uninstall and refund.
    02-02-2010 05:04 AM
  4. NEKRO's Avatar
    I really enojoy all of the devs games. The Flight Director is great also as is Papa Stacker
    02-02-2010 09:44 AM