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    Good day dear friends!

    XawySoft team kicks off with a new game in the GooglePlay, who has already scored 10.000 downloads !!!

    Look at this cute ball that you have to navigate through the dangerous maze of the space station!

    Download game! Help iron balls! Link and description see below!

    In space research "Elenoys" station, there was an accident. The entire safety system is out of order. The crew was subjected to total destruction as a result, all members of the crew were killed. Most of the workers drones and auxiliary machinery was also destroyed.
    But the awakened one of the drones ... He woke up after a long sleep. And now he has to save the station to get to the main cabin and activate self-healing system.

    Iron Ball: Maze - a game where you will control the awakened workers drone - an iron ball, which is located in one of the sectors of the space station. The security system has destroyed all living things and inanimate objects, all that I could find at the station. "Iron Ball" was all alone and he needs to complete the mission, which worked on the crew. He will have to bypass the security drones and various traps set in the sectors of the space station to get to the main cabin and activate self-healing system, to which the station will be able to accept new spaceships with crews.

    The mission of the station crew - to create seeds of Isis, is a valuable artifact, which, as scientists say, will be able to rid humanity of the need for food.

    "Iron Ball" - a ball - working with drone, which has a security module. Possessing the makings of artificial intelligence, he knows how to think, collect items and spare parts, is able to analyze and feel. Security module - is the ability to protect themselves from the dangers of a different nature, and without fear of consequences safe place traps alarm system. To safely bypass the security drones and security required to activate a special ability, but be careful, "Iron Ball" this requires charges «Rage», which can be assembled in various sectors of the station.

    Iron Ball: Maze-jscqhdlpag.jpg

    Iron Ball: Maze-oejmqmbgqlg.jpg

    Iron Ball: Maze-y4-2kavuece.jpg

    Iron Ball: Maze-daruq64qpsy.jpg

    Iron Ball: Maze-nvthvtkxqxa.jpg

    Iron Ball: Maze-cdxklpkunnq.jpg

    Iron Ball: Maze-soe1netpv98.jpg
    02-19-2016 12:42 PM
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    Welcome to the forums!

    Can you provide a reference to the Google Play Store download link - Thanks!
    02-19-2016 12:53 PM
  3. SioxSuer's Avatar
    Sorry, but I can not, because the system is offline when you add a reference wrote me the following:

    An error has occurred SioxSuer! You must have 10 posts in order to post links. Your current post count is 0.
    02-19-2016 02:58 PM

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