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    [Free][Game]Candy Roller Ball-3.fw.jpg[Free][Game]Candy Roller Ball-4.fw.png[Free][Game]Candy Roller Ball-8.fw.jpg

    "Candy Roller Ball" is based on realistic physics engine, interesting trap, and clever layout levels, composed of 2D arcade adventure game.

    Bring it on! slide your finger to scroll sugar ball into different target specified point.
    There are addictive level design, a sufficient amount of game content, as well as 8 bit style background music.
    This game has a high-quality graphics and quality physics will make the ball move, roll and bounce very realistic.

    If you like action-adventure game, you definitely should not miss this game!

    Come on! Accept the challenge, to get a new high score, share with friends and family!

    How to play?

    Use your fingers to control up, down, jump, and brake.
    Candy ball along the orbital plane forward or jump when the ball into the goal, congratulations! You will successfully passed this level.

    Game Features:
    - Full of ingenuity trap.
    - 5 different background styles.
    - 3D graphics background scroll.
    - Really addictive game.
    - In accordance with the ability to get three stars in each level.
    - Free game, you can complete the full 99 levels.

    Android Download:

    Thank You!!!
    02-23-2016 08:55 AM
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    Thanks for sharing
    03-22-2016 01:20 PM

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