1. Nirox's Avatar
    02-27-2016 10:12 AM
  2. taxylon's Avatar
    It reminds me of the classic 80. Just need to improve a bit the graphics with OpenGL for smooth textures.
    You got my 5 stars.

    02-28-2016 06:51 AM
  3. Nirox's Avatar
    Thanks! I will work on the smoothness asap!
    02-28-2016 06:00 PM
  4. Drosh's Avatar
    ty for game, gl
    03-01-2016 05:02 AM
  5. joseph98i's Avatar
    nice game , and goodluck
    03-01-2016 12:23 PM
  6. Nirox's Avatar
    I posted an update to give free powerups in exchange for watching an ad! Hope you enjoy it!
    03-02-2016 06:33 AM
  7. Nirox's Avatar
    OpenGL Update should be fine now!
    03-03-2016 08:44 AM
  8. Nirox's Avatar
    Minor bugfixes are live! If there is anything I can do to make it a better experience please tell me !
    03-04-2016 07:31 AM
  9. irinautkina's Avatar
    I liked the game, just something lacking
    03-07-2016 05:56 AM

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