02-07-2010 08:20 AM
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  1. Phil Nickinson's Avatar

    OK, folks. We've got five copies of iCommando up for grabs. Check out the post here, then come back and let us know what you're looking for in a good Android game.
    02-05-2010 09:08 AM
  2. troypolla's Avatar
    Smoothness of play (little chop) and High resolution or decent resolution of objects in game.
    02-05-2010 09:13 AM
  3. gonnabeapa's Avatar
    A game with easy to use controls....touch screen is great....Sometimes these great games have such hard to use controls..
    02-05-2010 09:18 AM
  4. pjames6's Avatar
    Good controls, good frame rates, nice use of what is built into the phone (all of the sensors) and of course good fun gameplay. No specific genre
    02-05-2010 09:22 AM
  5. sethjk's Avatar
    Definitely a lot of what has been said previously.
    Multi-player action would be great. Good price points.
    Fluidity. Iphone games look great, so should droid ones.
    Maybe even a web component to some?
    02-05-2010 09:24 AM
  6. dmzxls's Avatar
    My main concern with mobile gaming is the ability to come and go. If I have 5 free minutes with nothing to do, it is nice to make a small amount of progress on a level, and know that I can pick back up in the same place a short while later. How it is implemented can of course vary, but two methods that come to mind are first - simply a suspend/temporary save mechanic which would allow the user to resume the game from the last spot; and second - having a large level broken into a number of sub-levels which would, of course, transition smoothly (similar to the Dynasty Warriors games on the PSP).

    Another factor that is extremely important to me in any sort of gaming, but especially so in mobile gaming is the ability to control the game with ease. Touch screens and g-sensors pose a unique challenge to this. There have been a number of inventive solutions to this obstacle, though I'm not sure any one could be considered the best.

    Another major concern is performance. High resolution graphics coupled with the technical limitations of a mobile device continue to paint me a skeptic. I'm interested to see what type of fluid performance can be pushed out of one of these devices while pushing the envelope on game play.
    02-05-2010 09:27 AM
  7. geeanywhere's Avatar
    Definitely looking for a game I can play for hours with fellow droid users.
    02-05-2010 09:44 AM
  8. gonzoguy24's Avatar
    I just want a game the is on par with iphone quality games! I am talking 3d graphics that dont look like they are from the mid 90s!!!!
    02-05-2010 09:55 AM
  9. herooftimeloz's Avatar
    I'm looking for a game that utilizes the full potential of the Android system; I'd look for things like good graphics, controls, and multi-touch.
    02-05-2010 09:55 AM
  10. Ali Fazel's Avatar
    Simple easy-to-remember controls, immersion, snapshot saving so if you have to stop playing and go back to work before coming back to the game you don't have to start over.

    I'd really like to see a good RPG or an old-school turn-based game like Shining Force. An RPG with a Final Fantasy or Phantasy Star-style combat system would be PERFECT for mobile devices.
    02-05-2010 09:55 AM
  11. amayes's Avatar
    The 2 major things I'm looking for in an android games is exceptional physics and functional controls. Hi end gaming is meant to stay on consoles for now (were just not there yet), but the entire web gaming realm with there puzzle and adventure games are all fair play. Refining these types of games to the best they can be and optimizing them for our android devices should be a major focus of the android development community! Oh and it never hurts to throw in a good fighting game
    02-05-2010 10:06 AM
  12. wctaylor79's Avatar
    I am looking to expand into the games that Droid can offer.. I have been neck deep in working and getting this thing to run like a powerhouse that I haven't been able to sit back and enjoy the fun side.. So most definitly would like to check this out and relax for once with my Droid...
    02-05-2010 10:07 AM
  13. DeeMat's Avatar
    Easy controls, challenging, ability to save progress (no matter how small), performance.
    02-05-2010 10:08 AM
  14. TvTechGuru's Avatar
    Without knowing a lot about iCommando... I would like to see a fun RPG or FPS related to the likes of iCommando, first person combat like Soldier of Fortune for PC, or fighter plane game like Ace Combat for Playstation. Simple controls, commands, menu's, layouts and views. If I do not win this game I will most likely buy and try it.
    02-05-2010 10:36 AM
  15. williamruckman's Avatar
    Multiplayer via WiFi, evdo, or Bluetooth. A good first person feel with the ability to easily walk and aim using the native controls. Graphics that are at the native resolution for the phone. Statistics and award system. Chat and or voip. Integrates with wired and Bluetooth accessories. Player modifyable content. Ability to run your own server. 3d graphics. Perhaps mobile ports of popular pc games. Customizable player avatars. Squads. Squad commands and general commands and taunts for quick communications.

    i forgot to add:

    The use of the accelerometer, maybe gps, and magnetometer to look around the environment and aim. Walk forward, backward, fire, and strafe could be on a button.

    Be even nicer if you could have a "live" game mode and chase other Android users with augmented reality and find them via GPS and use your phones camera to fire at them. They would then take damage and would have to wait a few minutes to respawn. You could then have stats, or locate items in augmented reality.
    02-05-2010 10:54 AM
  16. HTB's Avatar
    Definitely interested in seeing more FPS games available in Market.
    02-05-2010 10:58 AM
  17. nox's Avatar
    For an FPS, I say we hold the phone infront of us, and a simple button on the screen, WE rotate in a circlular motion, and the screen on the device now displays another area of the map/area.

    Basically, the world in the phone adjusts accordingly to where YOU are facing/holding the phone, kinda like a 3D world. Hope you guys get what I am saying.
    It would be awesome to get this, doubt it'll happen though.

    Oh, and more 3D games with multitouch support
    02-05-2010 12:14 PM
  18. azjerry's Avatar
    multiplayer mode against other players
    02-05-2010 12:26 PM
  19. bdbull's Avatar
    Probably nothing that hasn't already been said: smooth game play, no lag, easy controls, challenging yet not impossible.
    02-05-2010 12:36 PM
  20. im0uttt's Avatar
    I would like to see Good controls, good frame rates, and nice use of what is built into the phone.
    02-05-2010 12:58 PM
  21. weehooherod's Avatar
    I just wanna see multitouch enabled.
    02-05-2010 12:59 PM
  22. thread's Avatar
    I'd love to see a fun & addictive game with great replay value. Gameplay is much more important than graphics... Though good graphics never hurt anyone.
    02-05-2010 01:15 PM
  23. agentlotek's Avatar
    I'm looking for a good RTS game with multi-touch support, scenario editor with the ability to share custom maps, and online matchmaking of up to 4 players with various team options.
    02-05-2010 01:43 PM
  24. daithin's Avatar
    Good controls are the beginning and end of the story. And good controls should include not having my fingers obscuring all the action the whole time!
    02-05-2010 01:46 PM
  25. kimchi0400's Avatar
    Honestly, I want something that runs smoothly on my HTC Magic. =( If not for HTC Sense, I wouldn't hesitate to get a Milestone/N1 to get more than just social media apps and simple games...
    02-05-2010 02:01 PM
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