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    Hi, all
    I would like to introduce you our second game "TailBomb".

    TailBomb is inspired by a well-know old retro game "Snake". We've tried our best to show gamers the unique visual effect of continuously generated tail.

    [GAME][FREE] Snake meets Asteroids, TailBomb-047.png

    It can be categorized as a shooter game. But unlike any other normal shooting game, we emphasized on dodging. Simple rule, you dodge.

    But that's definitely not all. We took the idea from Snake, which gets killed by its own tail, and decided to use the tail against enemies.
    The use of this tail is the most important part of our game. You have to carefully maneuver so that following tail is in position right in front of enemies.
    Game turned out to be a great one, better than we've first imagined! This got to be one of a kind, right?

    That's not all.
    We added a feature called EventZone. It opens from time to time during the game.
    If successfully taken over, certain powerful effect will occur, wiping out most enemies.
    Great as it is, we wanted it to be challenge. To activate it, you have to stay over the zone for few seconds. It's harder than it sounds. Enemies will continuously attack you, which makes it difficult to stay in one place for long.
    This EventZone definitely makes the game more fun, making it more strategic.

    [GAME][FREE] Snake meets Asteroids, TailBomb-066.png

    Another main feature of TailBomb is skill.
    TailBomb is ready with 10 different ships. Each ship has it's own skill. We tried our best to make each unique. Some are for defense, some are for offense.
    With merge system, you get to choose two. Different combination, different fun.
    TailBomb does seem like a simple game, but we wanted it have many features to enjoy.

    03-17-2016 05:53 AM
  2. STARGATE's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing
    03-22-2016 01:15 PM

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