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    Simple casual game in which the player must find a pair of identical blocks with geometric shapes. Correctly found a pair of blocks disappear from the screen. The game is fully compatible with any tablet screen resolutions. The game supports "Parental Control" with a password lock - may limit the playing time of 15, 30 or 45 minutes.
    Please feel free to get your reviews and recommendations, bugs, etc.
    3 Shapes game supports 35 languages:
    English, Russian, Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, German, Greek, Spanish, Finnish, French, Hindi, Croatian, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Latvian, Norwegian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Serbian, Swedish, Thai, Tagalog, Turkish, Vietnamese, Chinese.

    Google Play:

    [GAME] [FREE] [2.3.3+] 3 Shapes 1.1-eng_phone_01.png [GAME] [FREE] [2.3.3+] 3 Shapes 1.1-eng_phone_02.png
    [GAME] [FREE] [2.3.3+] 3 Shapes 1.1-eng_phone_03.png [GAME] [FREE] [2.3.3+] 3 Shapes 1.1-eng_phone_04.png
    [GAME] [FREE] [2.3.3+] 3 Shapes 1.1-eng_phone_05.png [GAME] [FREE] [2.3.3+] 3 Shapes 1.1-eng_phone_06.png
    [GAME] [FREE] [2.3.3+] 3 Shapes 1.1-eng_phone_07.png [GAME] [FREE] [2.3.3+] 3 Shapes 1.1-eng_phone_08.png
    03-25-2016 03:39 AM
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    Thanks for sharing
    03-25-2016 08:03 AM

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