1. apargames's Avatar
    Hey guys, i wanted some recommendations for a few puzzle games. Not looking for match the dots or word puzzle.
    Thank you for the help
    03-25-2016 04:06 AM
  2. Samuel Orris's Avatar
    Play this puzzle games in your android phone.

    1. Futurama: Game of Drones
    2. Monument Valley
    3. Brain pleasers
    4. Hundreds
    5. Two Dots
    6. Four Letters
    7. World of Goo
    8. Where's My Water?
    9. Drop7
    10. Strata
    11. You Must Build a Boat

    Thank you.
    03-25-2016 06:33 AM
  3. Xvadim's Avatar
    Try "Filler Classic" or "Wolf and Sheep"
    03-25-2016 09:00 AM
  4. BR Top's Avatar
    I Like Unblock me, Gems fever and Find The Red
    03-27-2016 02:27 PM
  5. apargames's Avatar
    Thanks guys. Any games for scroll and match type category?(not like match the dots or connect the dots).
    03-28-2016 01:49 AM

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