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    [FREE] [3.0+] HOP! A new addicting game !-14bqrdi.png
    Tap the ball, don't hit the obstacles, collect gems and unlock new characters!

    -UNLOCK 100 unique characters!
    -CHALLENGE your friends to beat your score!
    -COLLECT the gems and use them to unlock new characters!
    -EARN your spot as the one of the highest scoring players on the Leaderboards!
    -UNIQUE levels with difficulty ramping!
    -ENDLESS fun!

    [FREE] [3.0+] HOP! A new addicting game !-sese4.jpg
    [FREE] [3.0+] HOP! A new addicting game !-sese2.jpg
    [FREE] [3.0+] HOP! A new addicting game !-seses3.jpg
    [FREE] [3.0+] HOP! A new addicting game !-sese1.jpg

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Name:	14bqrdi.png 
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    03-28-2016 11:15 AM
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    We added some new characters.

    Let me know what you think about my game. What should I change, add, or just your oppinion !
    03-29-2016 06:12 PM

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